Landmarks LTD is a company that specializes in quality home building. We service a geographical area from Herzliya to Caesarea. The company is a second generation of builders and General Contractors from Sydney Australia.

Ari Marks, the father of the family was a successful builder and developer in Australia. He started off in the late 50's of the previous century. Within a very short time he created an excellent name for his building company. In Sydney he built hundreds of flats and units. He continuously looked for new building techniques seeking ways to be more efficient and build better quality buildings. He was also known for his excellent interpersonal relations and got along very well with customers and suppliers alike.  Everyone liked him.

In spite of the relatively good economic situation in Australia, Ari with his wife Judy as Zionists, decided to make Aliya. They thought that the best place for their four children would be Israel. In 1972 they left for Israel.

The Landmarks Company was founded in Israel by Richard Marks, Ari's elder son. Richard started his career in the building business during the 80's. Richard served in the Israeli Air force as a flight engineer. His army experience, with its technical problems and organization methods all served to help his project management skills. After his military service, Richard did a two year Building Course and has an official General Contractor building license.

Since first founded in Israel, the company has a record of building over a hundred projects within the last 20 years.

The company is a member of the Israeli Building association and has an official General Contractor building license classified as 100.

LANDMARKS Ltd.         Tel: 09-882-8066       e-mail:  info@landmarks.co.il  
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