Landmarks Company Principles

Integrity and Credibility – one of the basic rules at Landmarks is Integrity. We believe that Integrity and Credibility over the 
  years lead to customer satisfaction.

• Commitment to quality - We use the best materials and methods without cutting corners! Over many years we have built up
  a team of authorized material suppliers and sub-contractor specialists. This is of major importance.

Performance - project management quality is the secret of Landmarks. This enables us to execute projects and perform in an
  excellent way. When you have a good team and work with excellent people, you get top results!

• Schedule – schedule! Schedule! Schedule!  Landmarks is ALWAYS on time (primarily before time!)

Politeness and good communications - Good communications with customers and suppliers are important to us. We believe that
  any problem or obstacle can be overcome if things and issues are dealt with in a decent and polite manner.

Reliability – Our customers rely on us and this fact keeps us on our toes…

Warranty and Guarantee - A year after a project is finished, the Landmarks team will initiate a visit to the finished project.
  We will prepare a list and immediately fix any problem or defect that may have occurred. This is done free of charge and
  part of our warranty.

Service - Service is the name of the game in our business. Landmarks accompany the project for years after completion.
  All plans and drawings are kept in our archives and we are available at all times after our projects are finished.
LANDMARKS Ltd.         Tel: 09-882-8066       e-mail:  
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